The latest developments of the Higel company:

Scale ice maker HEC 200 / HEC 400 on frame

    Scale ice maker
HEC 200 / HEC 400

on frame

Production capacity1,3
200 kg / 24 h (HEC 200)
400 kg / 24 h (HEC 400)

Power consumption
0,95 kW (HEC 200)
1,8 kW (HEC 400)

230 V / 50 Hz/1~ (HEC 200)
400 V / 50 Hz/3~ (HEC 400)

165 kg (HEC 200)
180 kg (HEC 400)

Dimensions (width / height / depth)
860 / 1600 / 950 mm

recommended ice storage container
Insulated ice storage container
200 ltr. (= app. 90 kg ice)

1 production capacity at +18°C ambient temperature
  and +12°C water feed temperature
2 For export adaptable to national specifications
3 approximate value

CO2 based scale ice makers

You love your environment? - We too!

You have the idea to make our world a little more healthy
and you want to invest in an CO2 - based scale ice maker?
Then feel free to contact us immediately!
We provide your business with the latest CO2 - based scale ice maker
made by HIGEL Kältetechnik.

HIGEL CO2 - based scale ice makers are available in a wide range
of production capacity and fit exactly to your needs.

But what if your requirements are different???
Then you can rely on the well known service of HIGEL Kältetechnik.

Contact us - and we are sure to find the right solution even for you!

Full cleaning system

HIGEL scale ice makers are optionally available with an automatic full cleaning system.
That means, not only the water tank of the machine will be cleaned,
the complete internal water line will be cleaned, too.
Thus from the entrance to the machine! Thoroughly and simply,
as you get used it from good dishwashers.

because the number of germs after a cleaning cycle is lowered to a hygienic harmless level.
After a few additional cleaning cycles with clear water the production of ice
will be automatically resumed.

because you just have to do nothing else than doing your daily job
e. g. the production of sausages while your HIGEL scale ice maker
produces scale ice and carries out the cleaning cycles independently and automatically.
At the weekend or at night or when ever it fits to your daily schedule.
All actions especially the cleaning cycles with clear water
is fully controlled and monitored by the reliable control system of our machines.
Occasionally warnings optionally can be transmitted to a central monitoring system
in your company.

"Clean machines - clean scale ice"
It's nice if you haven't to think of it all the time,
especially if you scale ice maker is working round the clock.
Forget about emergency cleaning tasks in the middle of the night
or just when the hygienic supervisor inspects your company.

Scale ice production has never been as easy than with HIGEL scale ice makers!

Intelligent SPC-controlling

Sleep quietly further! Your Higel Scale ice maker is already working!
Through the integrated SPC-controlling with season time switch,
you’re producing scale ice whenever you want. The process control,
programming and error display in plain language takes place in a clear text
(with a large choice of languages!) and is very easy to be understood and to be served.
Thus avoidance of unnecessary losses of production.

Producing scale ice has never been so simply – then with the most modern scale ice maker
in usual HIGEL-quality!

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