Scale ice is employed everywhere where conventional ice is not used. Scale ice is much appreciated equally by consumers, industry and specialist users. The areas of application are as many and varied as the ice crystals produced by our machines.

Butchers and the meat product industry as well as fish and poultry processors, bakeries and the food industry produce and use scale ice.

Research laboratories protect themselves from some of their overheated reactions in their new discoveries and developments with ice.

There are satisfied and enthusiastic customers in the areas of foodstuffs, gastronomy, science and research, trade, medicine and wellness. And even traditionally minded steel producers temper high quality steel in ice water.

The food industry and trade are crying out for refrigeration, at least if there's a summer-in-a-century approaching - or the inspectors. Doctors' practices, clinics and rehabilitation centres put their faith in a proven medium for serology and therapy: ice.

Save yourself the heated debates and always keep a cool head with Higel scale ice makers!

Ask us! - We'll just put your refrigeration problems "on ice"!

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